Add Active Directory Domain to vRO

Posted on February 2, 2016
Category: VMWare, vRA
Before you can start creating vRO workflows to manipulate and manage Active Directory, you’re going to need to add your domain to vRO, follow the below configuration steps to get started: Open up the vRO client, ensure you are in “Design” view, then navigate to Library à Microsoft à Active Directory à Configuration The workflow we are interested in at the moment is the “Configure Active Directory Server” workflow. Right click the workflow and select “Run Workflow” Fill out theRead More

Deploying vCenter 6 Appliance (VCSA) from ISO

Posted on January 7, 2016
Category: VMWare, vSphere
So just a quick run through on how to deploy the vCenter Virtual Appliance. You’ll need to obviously get the VCSA ISO, and then pre-create the DNS settings for the new vCenter. OK so now you have the ISO mount it and you will need to install the VMWare Client Integration Plugin which is included on the ISO The installer is pretty much just a next, next finish! You will need to accept the EULA, and accept the installation locationRead More

A quick note about UK VMUG UserCon

Posted on December 4, 2015
Category: VMWare
So for those of you who aren’t aware of the VMUG, why aren’t you? It’s a fantastic user group for VMWare users who put on events around the world, where you can speak to people in the industry and network with people who are working on the same things you are. I recently attended my first VMUG event at the UK VMUG UserCon in Birmingham, and thought it was excellent. I was originally going to the 2014 event however IRead More

Manually Force SysVol Replication to RODC

Posted on December 2, 2015
Category: Windows Server
When editing the logon scripts/GPOs this should be performed on a writable DC (preferably replication partner for the RODC). I have seen issues where the Sysvol share has taken a long time to replicate the changes to the RODC delaying testing etc. In order to manually replicate the Sysvol folder you need to run the following command: ntfrsutl.exe forcerepl fqdn.of.RODC /r “Domain System Volume (SYSVOL share)” /p fqdn.of.writableDC When you attempt to run this command you may receive an errorRead More

PowerCLI Get Snapshot Information

Posted on November 5, 2014
Category: VMWare, vSphere
Nice easy one to list snapshot information on VMs. [code language “powershell”] Get-VM | Get-Snapshot | ft vm,Description,name,PowerState,created [/code] byRead More