Property Relationships in vRA 6.2

Posted on June 1, 2016
Category: VMWare, vRA
I had a requirement from a customer where they needed to give users the option to select which vLAN (port group) a secondary NIC would be placed on. To add a little bit of extra complexity, the options for the secondary NICs should change depending on where the primary NIC was placed……..are you with me still? Anyway looking around I found some great help out there mainly from Jad El-Zein’s fantastic blog post here and then this fantastic tool fromRead More

PowerCLI Validation Quick Scripts

Posted on May 7, 2016
Category: VMWare, vSphere
I recently built a vSphere platform, and following completion of the build I was required to perform testing, and also validate that the build matched the design documents, rather than screen print a load of images for each host etc, I used PowerCLI to get the settings for me so I could compare them with the design document. I am just going to put a list of the commands, there’s nothing overly complicated or even elegant here, but they mightRead More

Add Microsoft SQL Database to vRO

Posted on February 8, 2016
Category: VMWare, vRA
This has probably been covered in a million places, but if you want to add a database to vRO, to allow vRO to run modify the database as part of a workflow do the following: First we are going to need a JDBC URL for the SQL Databse, luckily vRO comes with its very owm built in JDBC URL Generator workflow: Open the vCO client à Library à JDBC à JDBC URL Generator and start the workflow   On theRead More

Publish vRO workflows in vRA Catalog

Posted on February 4, 2016
Category: VMWare, vRA
As a quick and easy run through I thought I would show how you can publish vRO workflows as a Catalog Item in vRA. This is a really basic workflow just to show an example of how vRA Advanced Service Designer can be used. Couple of Pre-Reqs, make sure you are running vCloud Suite – Advanced edition as a minimum you do not get Advanced Service Designer in Standard!!! OK, to get started you are going to need a workflowRead More

Add Active Directory Domain to vRO

Posted on February 2, 2016
Category: VMWare, vRA
Before you can start creating vRO workflows to manipulate and manage Active Directory, you’re going to need to add your domain to vRO, follow the below configuration steps to get started: Open up the vRO client, ensure you are in “Design” view, then navigate to Library à Microsoft à Active Directory à Configuration The workflow we are interested in at the moment is the “Configure Active Directory Server” workflow. Right click the workflow and select “Run Workflow” Fill out theRead More