Property Relationships in vRA 7

Posted on June 13, 2016
Category: VMWare, vRA
In a previous post I described how to create a property relationship in vRA 6.2 using a value expression. I thought I would attempt this using vRA 7 as the previous method is no longer valid. What we need to do now is create a vRO Action script to populate the vRA menu’s. So to recap my requirements, I need to have a section on the request form that prompts users to select a management network for NIC0, and thenRead More

Property Relationships in vRA 6.2

Posted on June 1, 2016
Category: VMWare, vRA
I had a requirement from a customer where they needed to give users the option to select which vLAN (port group) a secondary NIC would be placed on. To add a little bit of extra complexity, the options for the secondary NICs should change depending on where the primary NIC was placed……..are you with me still? Anyway looking around I found some great help out there mainly from Jad El-Zein’s fantastic blog post here and then this fantastic tool fromRead More

PowerCLI Validation Quick Scripts

Posted on May 7, 2016
Category: VMWare, vSphere
I recently built a vSphere platform, and following completion of the build I was required to perform testing, and also validate that the build matched the design documents, rather than screen print a load of images for each host etc, I used PowerCLI to get the settings for me so I could compare them with the design document. I am just going to put a list of the commands, there’s nothing overly complicated or even elegant here, but they mightRead More

Add Microsoft SQL Database to vRO

Posted on February 8, 2016
Category: VMWare, vRA
This has probably been covered in a million places, but if you want to add a database to vRO, to allow vRO to run modify the database as part of a workflow do the following: First we are going to need a JDBC URL for the SQL Databse, luckily vRO comes with its very owm built in JDBC URL Generator workflow: Open the vCO client à Library à JDBC à JDBC URL Generator and start the workflow   On theRead More

Publish vRO workflows in vRA Catalog

Posted on February 4, 2016
Category: VMWare, vRA
As a quick and easy run through I thought I would show how you can publish vRO workflows as a Catalog Item in vRA. This is a really basic workflow just to show an example of how vRA Advanced Service Designer can be used. Couple of Pre-Reqs, make sure you are running vCloud Suite – Advanced edition as a minimum you do not get Advanced Service Designer in Standard!!! OK, to get started you are going to need a workflowRead More