Synchronise Embedded vRO

Just a quick note that had me confused for probably a little longer than it should have. I am using the vRA 7.2 embedded instances of vRO in a 2 node cluster, I recently imported a plugin using the vRO control centre, once the plugin was imported I noticed that when looking at the “Orchestrator Cluster Management” page the nodes were out of sync. I thought that as the instances were embedded then maybe vRA did something clever in the background to force the sync, however I left this for a long weekend and the nodes still hadn’t synced sync’d.

What I noticed was when looking at the Orchestrator Cluster Management page on the embedded cluster, you do not get the “Synchronize” option that you normally get when using an external appliance in a cluster, this is what had me stumped for a short while, after I found the solution I thought I’d best blog it just so can find the solution for my next deployment.

In order to view the Synchronize option I needed to append ?advanced to the URL

You’ll then have the Synchronize option available to force the sync.


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